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Welcome to Totnesvanbooksandmusic.com , a small online bookshop which has many used books for sale.  We specialise in selling Penguin and Pelican books but also have a variety of books from other publishers.  All books have been accurately described so that you know exactly what you are ordering and will not be disappointed when the books are received.  We do not use general statements to cover all books but describe each book individually. Occasionally, these descriptions give the impression that a book is in a worse condition than it really is!

SELECTING YOUR BOOKS: all books are listed under the relevant ‘Authors’ alphabetically by surname.  To browse through the selection of books, simply click on the relevant ‘Author’ tab and then scroll down the alphabetical list of authors under the chosen letter to see which books we have available.  There are also two lists of authors, A to K and L to Z, showing the various authors whose books we have in stock and how many of that author’s books in brackets.  If there is no number after the author’s name that signifies that we have just one of their books in stock.  Books not attributed to an author or editor are listed  under ‘AUTHORS UNKNOWN’ after ‘AUTHORS U’.

ORDERING YOUR BOOKS: once you have selected and clicked on the books you wish to purchase please click on ‘Postage and Packing’ at the top of the screen.  On this page you will be able to click on the relevant ‘Postage and Packing’ amount to complete your order.  You should see, next to each title in your basket, the letter A or B in brackets which denotes the category of postage and packing for that book.  Details of the amounts payable are shown below as well as on the ‘Postage and Packing’  page.


The cost of postage and packing is as shown below:

Postage A book = £3.20.  (Up to 3 books can be sent for this price.) Postage B book = £1.50.  (One book can be sent for this price.) Postage B book = £1.80.  (2 books can be sent for this price.)  Postage B book = £3.20.  (3 or 4 books can be sent for this price.)

NB If you order books from both the ‘Postage A‘ and ‘Postage B‘ categories then the ‘Postage A‘ price applies.  If your order exceeds the above quotas please contact us.  All books are generally despatched within one working day and are sent by second-class post, unless otherwise requested. We believe this system for postage and packing costs is fair to all and helps keep your costs to a minimum. This takes into account the number of books ordered, together with the thickness and weight of books, as far as is conceivably possible, so that the thicker books are categorised under ‘Postage A’ and the thinner books under ‘Postage B’.    

Please note that these postage costs apply to the United Kingdom only. If you live overseas please contact us so that we can provide you with the relevant postage and packing costs.  Outside of the United Kingdom, books have been sold and posted to customers in Belgium, Denmark, Eire, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and United States of America.

PAYING FOR YOUR ORDER: payments can be made by PayPal, as this is a secure method of payment.  Payments can also be made by  cheque.  Other methods of payment are acceptable by arrangement. Our books are also sold on Alibris, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble, eBay and other websites.  However, we have a wider selection of books available on this site and have lower costs for postage and packing.

RETURNS: in the unlikely event of you not being satisfied with a book that you have received, as it was not as described, we will refund the full cost of the book.  In such situations we would be grateful if you would notify us before returning the book and within seven days of its receipt.

Our site is continually being updated and developed to make it as user-friendly as possible.  We are currently adding images to all of the books that we have listed for sale.  These images are identical to the cover design of the book being sold.  We have many more books to add to this site, together with the music side which has yet to be built, although we have many vinyl singles and CDs to sell.  We hope that you enjoy shopping with Totnesvanbooksandmusic.com and will visit us on a regular basis.  We would welcome any questions you may have about items for sale on our website or requests for any items that are not showing, including vinyl singles and CDs, as we may have these in stock.  Any comments would also be welcome as we strive to provide a good service to all our customers.

The last ten titles sold:

  • Weekend in Dinlock (1962) by Clancy Sigal 
  • Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics (1984) by Alpha C Chiang
  • Comrade Jacob (1965) by David Caute
  • Thunderball (1965) by Ian Fleming
  • Live and Let Die (1963) by Ian Fleming
  • Death on the Nile (1989) by Agatha Christie
  • Murder in Mesopotamia (1991) by Agatha Christie
  • Liverpool Miss (1984) by Helen Forrester 
  • Twopence to Cross the Mersey (1987) by Helen Forrester 
  • Lion in the Cellar (1962) by Pamela Branch 

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